Pandemic Memory Project

The Pandemic Memory Project (Singapore Chapter) aims to map personal memories of people in Singapore (could be an image or screenshot of a text communication etc). The collected images will be used to create an art installation by artist Zoya Chaudhary for her exhibition ‘Presenting Pastness’ in April 2023. Singapore had strict social distancing and travel rules due to which life became mundane. Though physically we were bound, most of us found unique ways of communicating or connecting to the world outside. Technology provided many possibilities. Zoya is interested in collecting and memorializing these one image stories of Singapore residents and creating installations that holds multiple individual memories within a common structure to convey the shared ethos experienced during the pandemic.

During a shutdown, the things that mark our days—commuting to work, sending our kids to school, having a drink with friends —vanish and time takes on a flat, seamless quality.… Giving shape to time is especially important now, when the future is so shapeless. – novelist Heidi Pitlor

How did you create an illusion of movement or what was your window of escape during the covid pandemic? Please upload your image below and include a short description that represents the memory. There’s no right or wrong, the image should be personally moving to you.

Please Note: Your name will not be mentioned in the final art installation. It is only for our record purposes.