In/Difference, 2021

Using video shooting and editing techniques that I have developed of changing focus, blurring, and slowing down the video, causes filtration and a sense of distance that corresponds to subjective perception. It refers to the idea of a trace of the information neither present nor absent. The video, displayed on a TV monitor, runs in a loop with no indication of a beginning or an end in the exhibition space. This video running in loop points at the fundamental character of digital media – its continuousness as a medium compared to earlier practices. The found digital material forms part of a wider system of circulation of images and video, which have already been subjected to transformations and displacements before and are available to be easily grabbed and transformed further.

In/difference, 2021

Still of the video work In/difference, 2021, video playing in loop,  as shown in the exhibition ‘Beautiful, Nice and Interesting, at Project Space, ICA, Singapore