Comparing the feeling of instant pleasure and gratification that comes with consuming small bits and pieces of news and information with the pleasure provided by the brightness of inflated toys and balloons, the artist toys with the idea of real, fake, truth & imitation. The ballon seller is the channel for the capitalistic media machinery that creates and sells these ideas serving their clients vested interests. Mass forwards on social media and messenger services might not have valid sources. The artist believes that these short bite size, mostly sensationalised or news pieces are just the right size to hold onto our ever diminishing attention span.

An individual becomes merely an entity influenced by media, technological experience, and the hyperreal. To further explore this concept,I have been toying with the idea of a ‘Balloon-head’, that lives in a cloud of foreign ideas without weight or density. Each one of us, in the post modern times, constantly consuming media is a ‘Balloon Head’.