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Lost And Found- Singapore

‘Lost & Found- Singapore’ Artist Zoya Chaudhary has been interested in the visual documentation and celebration of the local character and flavor of places. There is a realization that this character is quickly being lost. To sell global products, media also sells ideas, often one-sided, and creates unjustifiable fascinations with

Many streets many wonders-1

  Many streets many wonders ‘Many streets many wonders’ is an ongoing project by the artist. It is a visual documentation of the ‘local’ ethos of places and how quickly it is being lost. This is the ‘India’ chapter of this series.

Fly butterfly

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly. – Richard Bach This series of artworks is a reaction to the dreadful incidents of brutal rapes taking place in India and particularly the one that occurred in December 2012, New Delhi. Since then the shadow of fear &

Who watches the watchman

Who watches the Watchman? This famous line from the cult graphic novel ‘Watchman’ forms the basis of this series.In this series the artist holds up a mirror to our times and initiates the debate that is relevant in many developing countries today. The very machinery that is supposed to protect

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