Morning Noodles & Gossip At The Toapayoh Hawker Centre

ZoyaChaudhary_MorningNoodles&GossipAtTheToapayohHawkerCentre_2018_MixedMedia_76cmx76cm(sm)Acrylic on canvas with collaged newsprint paper

The ritual of getting together at a neighbourhood Hawker centre and having ones meal with family, friends and neighbours, make the Hawker centres more like a community gathering space. People over decades having meals together in the same place and sharing their lives with their community makes the hawker centre a very important part of the Singaporean culture. Studies have shown, that more often people eat with others, the more likely they are to feel happy and satisfied with their lives. Retired old people almost depend on these spaces for their social interactions, spending their entire day there. The older Hawker centres that take up large areas of land currently, have a bleak chance of surviving in the changing landscape of Singapore. Many centres have been moved inside malls that don’t encourage the same culture.

The artwork juxtaposes press articles on hawker food, which is one of the major disscusions points amongst people living in Singapore, with a scene of people gathered and chatting together at a Hawker Centre